International Center For Higher Education and Philanthropy
International Center For Higher Education and Philanthropy

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others

and the world remains and is immortal  --  Albert Pike


Welcome to the International Center for Higher Education & Philanthropy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and democratizing higher education and philanthropy to transform the character of communities and the lives of people.

Transforming higher education in the U.S. and other countries by:


• Strengthening the leadership--as well as the international-intercultural dimensions--of primary and secondary schools and higher education institutions in different countries of the world.

• Democratizing higher education by enabling qualifed but economically disadvantaged individuals to complete graduate-level studies in fields of growing need and demand throughout the world.


Transforming lives and communities throughout the world by:


• Inspiring all nations and their people to help make the world a better place by using the transformative power of the philanthropic spirit and capacities they all possess.

• Capturing the expereince and wisdom of philanthropic visionaries for how all people of the world, regardless of their circumstances in life, can contribute to the quest for social and economic justice and a sustainable peace for all humankind.

Chair of the ICHEP

Board of Trustees.

Father Isaac Ato Fynn



Founding President


Dr. Martin M. Ahumada


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