International Center For Higher Education and Philanthropy
International Center For Higher Education and Philanthropy


Mission and Units of ICHEP


The International Center for Higher Education & Philanthropy (ICHEP) was established in 1995 as an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and democratizing higher education and philanthropy to transform the character of communities and people worldwide.  ICHEP pursues its mission through the units below.

The Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy

ICHEP's Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy is comprised of the following components: (1) The Film Documentaries on the Transformative Power of Philanthropy, (2) The Treasure Chest of Inspirational Stories on the Power of Charity, (3) The Giving-to-a-Worthy-Cause Network, and (4) The Fellowship Program for Studies in Philanthropy.

The Global Institute for Building Better Schools

ICHEP's Global Institute for Building Better Schools helps transform teaching and learning in some disadvantaged primary and secondary schools throughout the world by providing school leaders and teachers the opportunity to spend one- to two-years in America completing a personally tailored programs-of-studies which meets their greatest needs and interests.

The Academy for International-Intercultural Higher Education

ICHEP's Academy for International-Intercultural Higher Education provides local, national, and international seminars, workshops, conferences, and on-site residential training programs designed to prepare a new cadre of leaders of higher education institutions throughout the world. It address the salient issues in the stewardship of colleges and universities, including: the setting and implementation of university presidential initiatives, change management, cultivating strong and ethical governing boards, optimizing cutting-edge educational technologies, expanding national and global student markets, enhancing the international and intercultural dimensions of the higher education institutions and their programs, fundraising and endowment development, cost-containment, student success strategies, assessment of student learning, program review, the creation of new programs, and the evaluation of institutional effectiveness.


The Academy for International-Intercultural Higher Education is also committed to:

  • Expanding Higher Education Opportunities for America's Minority and New-Immigrant Communities.
  • Strengthening Minority-Serving Institutions in the U.S.
  • Enhancing the mission and work of ICHEP's National Association for Hispanic Education (NAHE).
  • Establishing in 2015-2016 the American Institute for Cybersecurity Education & Training, under the stewardship of Stephen D. Miller.

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