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ICHEP's Team is comprised of six groups of individuals who share a common and compelling vision for how all people in the United States and other countries can work together to forge a better world through acts of kindness and by ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to attend a quality educational institution.  These six ICHEP groups are: (1) the ICHEP Board of Trustees; (2) the ICHEP International Advisory Board, (3) the ICHEP Volunteers Club, and (4) the ICHEP Professional Associates Network, (5) the ICHEP Corporate & Government Executives-on-Loan Group; and (6) the ICHEP Student Interns Society, which will provide college students opportunities to carry-out credit-earning internships and independent studies with ICHEP's various national and international initiatives.


In strategically expanding and enhancing Our Team over time, we will embrace individuals who possess experience, expertise, and a great interest in specialized areas or functions important to primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions, and philanthropic organizations and other groups, including:  leadership and management, organizational change, curriculum design, effective teaching in all subject fields, marketing and media communications, public relations, broadcast journalism, historical inquiry, cutting-edge information technologies, web management, development (fundraising), business affairs and finance, professional writing and proofreading, and all forms of administrative assistance and support to executive-level administrators and boards of trustees.


Individuals interested in exploring opportunities to join our team in a specific group should reach us through our CONTACT US page.  We ask that you inform us of the specific contributions--skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise--you are able and willing to bring as a member of Our Team.  We encourage college students, in particular, to explore opportunities to arrange a one-semester or one-year internship with ICHEP which will earn them credit toward their degree programs, provide them potentially priceless expereince working on importnat issues and exciting projects of national and international significance, and all-the-while remaining eligible to receive their financial aid throughout their term as a student intern with ICHEP.

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