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Your donation in 2014 will help transform the character of communities and lives of people in the United States and other countries of the world by enabling ICHEP to:


  • Award the first fellowship for the Global Institute for Building Better Schools.  This fellowship will make it possible for: (1) an outstanding teacher or leader of an impoverished but promising primary and secondary school in the world to come to America for a one-year individually customized professional development program;


  • Award the first fellowships to two of America's highly qualified but economically disadvantaged minorities to pursue collegiate studies in a field of great need and demand in all countries, especially public health, information technology, higher education leadership, and philanthropy.


  • Establish the San Martin de Porres Chair on the Spirit of Philanthropy, which will be dedicated entirely to supporting the far-reaching mission and work of the Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy, as ICHEP's top priority and central mission.


You may give to ICHEP through PayPal or by mailing a check to:




International Headquarters Office

975 N. Silverbell Road #87694

Tucson, Arizona 85754-7694 U.S.A.

ICHEP will provide you an official receipt for tax purposes

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