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Origins, Leadership, and Instructors

ICHEP's Academy for International-Intercultural Higher Education was originally envisioned and championed by Martin M. Ahumada during his 1990-1994 service as a full-time faculty member with Harvard University's new graduate-level Program in Higher Education Leadership, as a guest faculty member with Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, as a lead instructor in several of Harvard's professional development programs, including its renowned Institute for Educational Management, and as Harvard University's instructor on higher education finance and assessment at premier international leadership training institutes in Mexico, Venezuela, and other countries. Martin Ahumada also served as Harvard University's faculty advisor for Fulbright Scholar, Dr. K. Sudha Rao, who was Director of India's National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration. He worked closely with Dr. Rao—and visiting scholars and higher education leaders from different countries—on comparatives studies of university curricula models, strategic planning, faculty development, program review and student assessment, business affairs and finance, and fundraising.

During his years on the Harvard University faculty, Martin Ahumada did some pioneering work as an advisor and mentor to presidents and trustees of higher education institutions in the United States and other countries of the world. This work inspired him to create the Academy for International-Intercultural Higher Education as a core component of the nonprofit organization he would design and launch immediately upon completing his tenure with Harvard: The International Center for Higher Education & Philanthropy (ICHEP). Martin Ahumada will maximize his large and continuously growing network of professional colleagues to serve as instructors of ICHEP's Academy.

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