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Seminars and Conferences

Our Academy for International-Intercultural Higher Education provides intensive seminars and conferences, offered over a one-day to three-day period, which will address the most important issues, challenges, and opportunities facing leaders of higher education programs, institutions, and systems worldwide. These include:

  • Knowing and embracing the power and principles of transformational and moral leadership.
  • Setting and implementing new college or university presidential agendas or initiatives.
  • Forging, maintaining, and optimizing an effective and ethical institutional board of governors.
  • Implementing best practices for expanding the international and intercultural dimensions of higher education programs and institutions, in any national setting.
  • Implementing educational technologies that work, are cost effective, and ultimately achieve an institution's primary aim of continuously improving teaching and learning.
  • Providing instructors training on the most advanced online and hybrid teaching technologies.
  • Providing decision-makers (1) a good understanding of the risks of cyber threats and attacks, and (2) the training to detect and thwart cyber-related breaches anywhere in the institution.
  • Utilizing the tools of strategic management to support decision-making, including: strategic visioning and planning; marketing and communications; costing and cost-analysis, pricing and student aid; program, formula, and zero-based budgeting; institutional evaluation; program review; assessment of student learning outcomes; and faculty development and evaluation.
  • Creating and maintaining an effective institutional foundation—as the chief fundraising arm of the institution—and preparing professionals in philanthropy, advancement, and development.
  • Understanding and using effectively the policymaking process in higher education.
  • Realigning students' career formation as a central mission and top priority of the institution.
  • Examining the social role as well as values and ideology in Higher Education.

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