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The Global Institute for Building Better Schools






The mission of the Global Institute for Building Better Schools (GIBBS) is to help transform teaching and learning in some disadvantaged primary and secondary schools throughout the world.  GIBBS fulfills its mission by targeting selected schools in America and other countries to:

  • adopt new strategies for recruiting and supporting teachers;

  • make wise investments in the ongoing professional development of teachers;

  • provide teachers meaningful opportunities to work and study in different intercultural communities within their own country and in different countries of the world to expand the intercultural and international dimensions of primary and secondary schools, both at home and abroad;

  • make wise investments in the ongoing professional development of administrators and other school leaders, especially through the opportunity to spend a year or two in America completing a program of studies in education;

  • develop and use engaging, culturally meaningful, and academically rigorous curricular programs and models—especially on such increasingly important ones as natural resources, environmental sciences, technology, social media platforms and tools, and world affairs;

  • implement a variety of proven strategies for strengthening parenting in support of student academic success, and for fostering early career developmentfor students;

  • pursue and maintain strategic alliances with the various stakeholders in the community;

  • showcase, assess, and implement the successful models and strategies for maximizing school and student success in different intercultural contexts and national settings.

  • establish working relations with school leaders and teachers in other countries of the world.

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