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 How We Can Transform the World Into a Much Better Place

Through the Spirit and Power of Philanthropy



The mission of the Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy (GISP) is to challenge and inspire all nations and their people to help remake the world into a much better place by discovering, embracing, and using the transformative power of the philanthropic spirit, impulse, and capacities they all possess.

GISP fulfills its mission by using advanced methods in broadcast journalism and modern communications, as well as the latest digital technologies—including the social media platforms and tools—which are revolutionizing the way film/video documentaries are produced and can reach a larger audience throughout the world via the Internet. Indeed, the advent of constantly evolving digital technologies has opened for GISP powerful new ways to create and make accessible to all peoples of the world some extraordinary film/video documentaries and essays/books that will serve to achieve the following aims:

  • Share widely the leadership that the world's most influential and inspirational philanthropic visionaries can provide to all of us, thus remaking the world into a much better place by sharing our time, talents, and other treasures—however modest they might be—with the less fortunate in our human family.
  • Capture the experience and wisdom of philanthropic visionaries—in their own words—regarding how all people of the world, regardless of their circumstances in life, can contribute in meaningful ways to the quest for social and economic justice, and a sustainable peace and hope for all.
  • Share widely the most profound insights that leaders of philanthropic organizations possess—from dedicating their entire careers to serving as cultivators and stewards of the dreams and charitable gifts of philanthropists—about how all people of the world can awaken the moral inclination of their human conscience "to help others."
  • Capture the experience and wisdom that key leaders of philanthropic organizations can share for tapping into our yearning for identity and meaning within a benevolent human family.
  • Showcase and celebrate, with the entire world, inspirational "acts of kindness"—taking place in all corners of the globe—which have enabled individuals who confronted little or no hope for a better life to help forge, in profound and permanent ways, a more promising future for themselves and their societies.
  • Bring to the attention of the world's philanthropic visionaries some of the causes which, with even the most modest of charitable gifts, can make a far-reaching difference in lives of people all over the world.
  • Prepare a new generation of philanthropic leaders for impoverished schools and communities of the world by providing for their school and community leaders a formal education and training, and other essential resources, to promote and sustain the culture and practice of philanthropy.

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