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How We Can Transform the World Into a Much Better Place

Through the Spirit and Power of Philanthropy




Our generation must be one of strategic optimists who will envision—with creative imaginations—a bright future that all of humankind can and should forge. This generation cannot afford—and must be unwilling—to underestimate its strengths, capacities, and opportunities to shape its own future, for better or for worse. This generation must always be looking forward, not back, and always imagining a better world and then acting to bring it about.


The Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy (GISP) is therefore dedicated to cultivating and mobilizing a new—and continuously expanding—generation of strategic optimists, with massively creative imaginations, who choose to be members of a civil and benevolent global family. This generation must be morally committed to sharing its various gifts, privileges, and other blessings with those who are enduring grinding poverty, perpetual hunger and homelessness, profound isolation and hopelessness, and other seemingly overwhelming adversities. The extraordinary individuals who can lead us in this noble quest are the philanthropic visionaries—and the stewards of philanthropic organizations—who have long been dedicated to transforming lives, communities, and societies in all corners of the globe.

The Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy (GISP) will be comprised of the following separate but inter-related components, which will be implemented in the following order of priority:

  • The GISP Film Documentaries on the Transformative Power of Philanthropy. These carefully screened, web-based film documentaries will be based on inspiring and substantive personal interviews with some of the world's most influential philanthropic visionaries and renowned stewards of philanthropic organizations. These leaders will be driven and defined by a vision of a higher purpose—for themselves, for each of us, and for our entire world—and by their unique ability and commitment to inspire and persuade all the nations and peoples of the world to embrace and carry out that vision. GISP will capture the wisdom of these world leaders—in their own words—on how to cultivate the philanthropic spirit, impulse, and capacities that we all possess—and that we must utilize morally and generously—to transcend and transform our societies. GISP will produce a film documentary each quarter—featuring one truly remarkable philanthropic leader—with the goal of ultimately producing an online collection of essays every three years which captures the best lessons, ideas, and compelling visions that twelve of these philanthropic leaders have shared, collectively, with all of us for remaking the world into a much better place.

  • The GISP Treasure Chest of Inspirational Stories on the Power of Charity. This component of GISP will be a web-based gallery showcasing and celebrating some of the inspirational and influential acts of charity taking place throughout the world. Every three months, GISP will profile a select group of individuals from all walks of life and financial means whose heroic "acts of kindness" provide powerful testimony to the far-reaching and seemingly magical positive impact that the charitable or philanthropic spirit we all possess and can use morally and generously to help the less fortunate in our human family without expecting anything in return.

  • The GISP Giving-to-a-Worthy-Cause Network. This vitally needed component of GISP will go to the heart of the ICHEP Corporation's primary mission by providing a quarterly, web-based profile of some of the extraordinary "causes" worthy of support from philanthropic organizations and individuals from all walks of life and circumstances. A special feature of this Network will be the opportunity for donors to remain totally anonymous, should that be their personal wish.

  • The GISP Fellowship Program for the Study of Philanthropy. This component of GISP will provide school and community leaders in the impoverished nations of the world the rare opportunity to spend a minimum of one full year in America completing a personally tailored, professional development program comprised of formal studies, as well as practical work experiences, in the increasingly important field of philanthropy, development, and fundraising. The Fellows of this special GISP program will receive: (1) formal education and training on the creation, ongoing development, and stewardship of philanthropic foundations, as well as the art and science of fundraising; (2) one-on-one and small-group training, coaching, and mentoring by leaders of philanthropic organizations and fundraising experts; and (3) the technical assistance, lifelong personal and professional networks in the philanthropic world, direct access to potential sponsors, and seed monies and/or professional volunteers they can use to promote and sustain successfully the culture and practice of philanthropy in their native countries.

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