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How We Can Transform the World Into a Much Better Place

Through the Spirit and Power of Philanthropy


Getting Started: Launching the GISP Film Documentaries

The ICHEP Corporation is dedicated to launching the Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy through its original and core component, namely, the GISP Film Documentaries on the Transformative Power of Philanthropy. So much can and should be imagined, or envisioned, by us as the generation of strategic and creative optimists. And this dedication includes embracing the ideas and visions of the world's inspiring and influential philanthropic visionaries as well as the stewards of philanthropic organizations and charitable gifts. The messages and reflections contained in their web-based filmed interviews and written essays will be of immeasurable value to the world as profound and universal insights into the transformative power of philanthropy to be seized by any society or individual. Over time, the collective efforts of these special leaders can serve to continuously illuminate our collective path to forge a better world.

Because future generations must be comprised of forward-looking and creative strategists, let us not hesitate for a moment in challenging the world's inspiring philanthropic visionaries—and stewards of philanthropic organizations and initiatives to do via a filmed "in-person" interview to share their collective wisdom with the world on the power of philanthropy to transform the world into a much better place, including acts of kindness anyone can perform to help fellow human beings in need.

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