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How We Can Transform the World Into a Much Better Place

Through the Spirit and Power of Philanthropy




Throughout the world, philanthropic leaders and their organizations find themselves increasingly caught up in the rapid and profound change—political, economic, social, cultural, religious, and environmental—that is the hallmark of modern life. Indeed, the high stakes for all societies in confronting the fact and force of change—and the attendant specter of an increasingly interconnected, dehumanizing, and fragile world—makes it imperative for each society to take a hard look at the social mission and impact of their philanthropic structures, organizations, policies, cultures, and practices.


A global perspective—and especially a new generation of visionary and ethical leaders—are essential for all societies and their people to start working together to anticipate change and to then identify the most viable means of coping effectively with it. And by openly embracing the universality of the human condition—and especially the universality of the charitable impulse in all human beings to improve that condition—all societies are afforded a glimpse of the possible future they might wish to forge, or perhaps avoid.


The time has come, therefore, to embrace a new generation of leaders who can cultivate the philanthropic spirit, impulse, and capacities that we all possess—and that we all must utilize morally and generously—to transcend and transform our societies. Ours is certainly a crucial moment in world history that these leaders are being called to define by leading us in an unprecedented global quest for social justice, economic prosperity, and a lasting peace for all of humankind.

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