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How We Can Transform the World Into a Much Better Place

Through the Spirit and Power of Philanthropy



We all know this is a defining moment in world history in which humankind confronts inescapable questions: Will the future bring chaos and total disintegration or will it allow us one final opportunity to make our world a safer and more hopeful place for all humankind? If the future still holds such an opportunity for all of us, who will provide the new leadership to seize it, and from where will we get a compelling vision for a better world?

If there is any hope for making our world a better place—however long-range this quest might be—it will rest on the shoulders of a new generation of world leaders. But these will be leaders the likes of which the world has never seen. They will be driven and defined by a vision of a higher purpose—for themselves and for their world—and by their ability and commitment to inspire and persuade all the nations and people of the world to embrace and carry out that vision. They will help each of us to see and fulfill our many obligations to all other human beings, and to have a new reverence for all of human life and the natural world. Most importantly, they will cultivate the philanthropic spirit, impulse, and capacities that we all possess—and that we must use morally and generously—to transcend and transform our societies.

We can no longer ignore or overlook the universality of the human condition and the charitable or philanthropic impulse in all of us to improve that condition. And we can no longer deny that this impulse constitutes the greatest power available to humankind for remaking the world into a much better place. We must therefore embrace the power of our philanthropic spirit as our best hope—and perhaps as our last hope—for bringing about a new worldwide movement of economic dynamism and social justice, and of sustainable peace and hope in even the most troubled corners of the globe. Let's face it: If there ever was a time for unprecedented leadership from the world's influential and inspirational philanthropists—as well as the extraordinary individuals who have committed their lives to stewarding philanthropic organizations and securing the dreams and gifts of philanthropists themselves—it is now. This is certainly a crucial moment in world history that they are being called to define by leading us in an unprecedented global quest for social justice, economic prosperity, and a lasting peace for all of humankind. The quest is rooted not only in our new yearning for identity and meaning within a civil and benevolent global family, but also in the moral inclination of our human conscience to help others even if nothing is received in return.

Of all the different kinds leaders in the world today, our influential philanthropic visionaries—as well as the lifelong stewards of the dreams and gifts of these visionaries—can best challenge and inspire all nations and their people to join them in a historic effort to begin transforming the world into a much better place. The astonishing events and powerful forces shaping the 21st century are still no match for the transformative power of the charitable spirit that these philanthropic visionaries—as well as stewards of philanthropic gifts and organizations—can awaken and mobilize in all humankind to forge a new and collective future. The Global Institute on the Spirit of Philanthropy (GISP) is dedicated entirely to the imperative of having the world's inspiring philanthropic visionaries and stewards of philanthropic entities illuminate the path to a brighter future that binds all of us—and that will transcend and transform our lives and societies.

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